Technip Investor Day


22 Octobre 2004

Technip Long Term Prospects
by Daniel Valot
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Technip


D. Valot
Chairman & CEO
Technip Today (261 KB)
D. Valot
Chairman & CEO
Industries (329 KB)
I. Replumaz
CEO Offshore Branch
The Deep Offshore Market (505 KB)
N. Uccelletti
CEO Middle East and S.W. Asia
The Growing and Changing Gas Market (585 KB)
B. Faure
COO Africa – Mediterranean BPU
Technip's Deep Offshore Capabilities (835 KB)
PA. Thomas
VP Technology, Innovation and Risk Management - Offshore Branch
Why Technology is Important (550 KB)
K. Bø
SEVP Marine Operations & Technical Resources
Technology in Offshore Manufacturing & Installation (674 KB)
G. Renaudin
Chief Technology Officer LNG Business Unit
Technip's LNG and GTL Capabilities (770 KB)
J. Jouven
VP Strategy & Technology - Onshore Branch
Technology in Onshore-Downstream & Industries (480 KB)
M. Buffenoir
CEO Ethylene Business Unit
Petrochemicals: New Landscape. New Players (979 KB)
O. Dubois
Chief Financial Officer
Bidding Discipline (253 KB)
JF. Reiter
Project Estimation and Control
Cost Control (377 KB)
JM. Aubry
Project Director
How to Keep a Project on Track (646 KB)
P. Grasset
VP Engineering
Global Engineering (977 KB)
A. Pagnard
VP Global Procurement
Global Procurement (1.12 MB)
M. Tayeh
Senior VP / Chief Information Officer
Global I.T. (538 KB)
D. Valot
Chairman & CEO
Technip Long Term Prospects (285 KB)