Press Releases - Contracts

Paris-La Défense, December 14, 2000

Technip wins its biggest project of this year in Saudi Arabia

Within the framework of the Haradh Gas Development Program (HGDP) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, TECHNIP has been awarded by SAUDI ARABIAN OIL CO. (SAUDI ARAMCO) two major contracts for the implementation of utilities, offsites and pipeline systems.

This program's primary objectives are to provide facilities for a grass-root gas plant at Haradh, 280 km south west of Dhahran, in order to increase sales gas delivery to the Saudi Master Gas System by 1,620 million SCFD.

The Haradh gas plant will process associated and non-associated gas from Khuff reservoirs.

Utilities and offsites

The facilities under TECHNIP's scope of work include compression and heat recovery systems, a 230 kV substation, sulfur loading facilities and all the utilities and offsites necessary for the Haradh Gas Development Program.

TECHNIP will provide project management, detail engineering, procurement of equipment and materials, construction management, construction, precommissioning and assistance to commissioning.

This project will be carried out by the engineering center of TECHNIP in Rome (Italy) and TECHNIP's affiliate in Saudi Arabia for construction.

Pipeline systems

The facilities under TECHNIP's scope of work include two pipeline packages.

The first package, the HGDP downstream pipelines, will connect the Haradh gas plant with the Master Gas System of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The pipelines to be installed will cover a total length of 394 km of different diameters ranging from 42" to 56" and comprise 16 mainline valve stations including scraper stations and related facilities.

The second package, the HGDP downstream pipeline, covers the installation of 229 km of 18" and 24" buried pipeline, which will transport un-stabilized condensate from the Haradh and Hawiyah gas plants to the Abqaiq plants for stabilization. It will comprise 10 mainline valve stations including scraper stations.

TECHNIP's scope of work will include detail engineering, procurement, construction as well as precommissioning, start-up and commissioning assistance for both pipeline packages, while all line pipes will be procured by SAUDI ARAMCO.

This project will be handled by TECHNIP's affiliate in Saudi Arabia with resources for project management, engineering, procurement and construction provided by the engineering center of TECHNIP in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Overall time schedule

Both projects will start in December 2000. Both pipeline packages are scheduled to be completed by mid 2003 and utilities/offsites will start-up within the third quarter of 2003.

This new success adds to the remarkable list of TECHNIP's references in Saudi Arabia, among which are the current projects for sulfur recovery and utilities in Hawiya and for the Abqaiq plant's power generation, both for SAUDI ARAMCO. Furthermore it also means that TECHNIP GERMANY ranks among the world leaders in the design and construction of onshore pipeline systems. Up till now, mainly through TECHNIP GERMANY, the TECHNIP group has completed more than 140 pipelines worldwide, representing a total length of 18,000 km and an aggregate contract value of US $9.5 billion.