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Paris-La Défense, July 9, 2003

Technip-Coflexip affiliate to participate in the prestige Oil Tanker Confinement Solution

Seal Engineering SA, a wholly-owned affiliate of Technip-Coflexip (NYSE: TKP and Euronext: FR0000131708), has been awarded by Repsol YPF a basic engineering contract for the fabrication and installation of a confinement structure for the “Prestige” oil tanker which sank off the Atlantic coast of Spain in November 2002 in 3,800 meters water depth.

Seal Engineering had previously made an offer to Repsol YPF for a solution involving a canopy or “Marquesina” (see attached 3D view) and subsequently performed a conceptual study at Repsol YPF’s request. This structure, which would be fabricated in Spain, will have provisions for future pumping of the collected fuel within the canopy.

Once the basic engineering of this project is completed, Repsol YPF should be in a position to issue, by the end of this year, an international call for tenders for the actual fabrication and installation of the containment structure.

Seal Engineering, based in Nîmes in the south of France, is a front end engineering and research and development company, specializing in subsea architecture and studies .


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