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Paris, October 15, 2004

Petrochemical units project awards in China

Technip recently has been awarded two petrochemical projects in China: one for the modernization of 6 cracking furnaces for PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company and the other one for the construction of 3 cracking furnaces for PetroChina LiaoYang Petrochemical Company.

  • The PetroChina Jilin furnace modernization contract covers the capacity expansion of six existing furnaces in the Jilin ethylene plant. Four furnaces are expected to be modernized in 2004 and the remaining two furnaces in 2005.
  • PetroChina Liaoyang’s contract covers three new additional cracking furnaces. Each of the furnaces will produce 60,000 tons per year of ethylene and its capacity can further be increased to 70,000 tons per year. The first two furnaces will be started up in July 2005 and the third by the end of 2005.

For both projects, Technip’s engineering center based in Zoetermeer (Netherlands) will provide engineering package and review/advisory services for detailed engineering and construction/start-up phase and also the Technip’s GK6 technology.

The GK6 technology improves the ethylene production of the furnaces by 35% compared to the original capacity. This increase in capacity is achieved by replacing the existing coil. Moreover, this technology allows the furnace to operate on a range of feedstocks from naphtha to heavy oils, with high selectivity and long on-stream time.
To-date, Technip’s GK6 technology has been applied for the modernization of over 100 furnaces in the last seven years.

At present, China has 7 ethylene plants in operation. All the original furnaces of 6 of the 7 plants have been modernized using Technip’s GK6 technology. Thanks to these revampings, the country’s overall ethylene capacity based on the GK6 technology now stands at 3 million tons per year.

A major player in the field of ethylene, Technip’s share of the global market for cracking furnaces is becoming more and more significant. Technip is also one of the only world-class groups capable of taking on complete responsibility—from conceptual design to turnkey design and construction—of ethylene plants based on its proprietary technology.


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