Press Releases - Contracts

Paris-La Défense, July 23, 1999

Krebs-Speichim (Technip/SGN): contract for chlorate plant in Uzbekistan

FERGHANA P.O AZOT has awarded KREBS-SPEICHIM a contract, worth about 25 million euros, to revamp a 20,000 ton-a-year sodium chlorate unit and an 11,800 ton-a-year magnesium chlorate unit located in its fertilizer complex at Ferghana, in the eastern part of Uzbekistan.

KREBS-SPEICHIM will supply the design and know-how, equipment and materials as well as personnel training and technical assistance. Both units are scheduled to come on stream during the summer 2001.

The sodium chlorate unit is based on a KREBS-SPEICHIM technology which is widely used over the world, namely by the major producers in North America. Sodium chlorate is mainly used in the pulp and paper industry.

The magnesium chlorate unit uses ARAGONESAS' technology (Spain), which is the major process licensor worldwide in this field. Magnesium chlorate is used as a defoliant.

The contract has become effective and financing was secured through a French export credit.


Created in 1998, by merging KREBS with SPEICHIM (a division of TECHNIP), and SNPE IngŽnierie, KREBS-SPEICHIM is a joint affiliate of TECHNIP and SGN (50/50). With a staff of 1000 people over the world (mainly in France, Brazil and Czech Republic) and an annual turnover of about 150 million euros, KREBS-SPEICHIM is a leading engineering force in the basic chemicals, fertilizer, specialty chemicals, pyrotechnics and environmental fields.