Press Releases - Contracts

Paris-La Défense, December 13, 1999

Krebs-Speichim (Technip/SGN): contract award for chemical project at Chalampe (France)

BUTACHIME, a joint affiliate of RHODIA (50%) and DUPONT (50%), has recently awarded KREBS-SPEICHIM a project management and engineering services contract for the design and construction of a hydrocyanic acid facility (HCN EDEN project) at ChalampŽ (Alsace), France.

Under the terms of the contract, worth about 12 million euros, KREBS-SPEICHIM and its affiliate CITEX (Lyon) will handle the detailed design, equipment procurement services and management of the construction site.

The project, scheduled to come on stream mid-2001, falls within the framework of a larger investment program estimated at about 300 million euros.

This project reinforces KREBS-SPEICHIM's position in the field of design and construction of nylon intermediate production facilities. It also falls within the framework of an ongoing relationship with RHODIA and BUTACHIMIE, including, notably, the implementation of the first phase pertaining to the basic engineering and investment estimation of the project, completed at the beginning of the year.


Created in 1998, by merging KREBS with SPEICHIM (a division of TECHNIP), KREBS-SPEICHIM is a joint affiliate of TECHNIP (50%) and SGN (50%) (COGEMA group). With a staff of 1000 people over the world (mainly in France, Brazil and Czech Republic) and annual revenues of about 150 million euros, KREBS-SPEICHIM is a leading engineering force in the basic chemicals, agro-industry, fertilizer, specialty chemicals, pyrotechnics and environmental fields.