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Paris, July 22, 2005

Ethylene expansion project award in Russia

Technip has been awarded an ethylene capacity expansion project by Kazanorgsintez in Kazan in the Russian Federation. The project involves the modernization and capacity expansion of three existing ethylene plants at Kazan. The combined capacity of the three plants will be increased from the present 400,000 to 605,000 metric tons per year by debottlenecking, modernization and the installation in one of the plants of a new double-cell ethane cracking furnace.

Technip is carrying out the basic engineering for the ethylene plant capacity expansions as well as the complete engineering and supply of the new furnace. The capacity of the furnace will be 135,000 tons of ethylene per year.

The expansion of the ethylene plants will be based on Technip’s in-house technology and the furnace will be designed using Technip’s proprietary SMK®* technology, which is characterized by high selectivity and long on-stream time. Technip’s office in the Netherlands will provide the technology for the expansion and perform the engineering and supply of the furnace and provide advisory services for the construction/start-up phase.

Technip is a leader in the field of ethylene production and is one of the few world-class groups capable of assuming complete responsibility for steam crackers, from conceptual design to turnkey execution and construction on a lump sum basis.

* Technip’s SMK® technology has become the preferred choice of various ethylene producers for cracking gas feeds.


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