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Paris, December 2, 2003

Coming into force of the contract for the Kharg Island Steamcracker in Iran

The contract signed by Technip on March 2003, for the design and construction of a 500 000 ton-a-year steamcracker on Kharg Island in Iran, has come into force.

Under the terms of this contract valued at approximately 173 million euros, Technip will provide, to National Petrochemical Company of Iran (NPC), its in-house ethylene technology together with its proprietary furnaces as well as basic and detail engineering, equipment and supervision of construction and commissioning of the steamcracker.

These services will be mostly managed from Technip’s offices in Paris and The Hague in liaison with its Iranian engineering partner Nargan based in Tehran.

The delivery of the last equipment item will take place 27 months after the coming into force of the contract.

This new project reinforces Technip’s position as a world leader in large capacity steamcrackers and associated technologies, following the awards by NPC of two contracts for the steamcrackers of the 9th and 10th Complex in Asaluyeh, with respective capacity of one million tons/year and 1.4 millions tons/year (the largest ethylene plant worldwide).


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