Pierre-Jean SIVIGNON

Pierre-Jean SIVIGNON is, since February 2015, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the group Carrefour in charge of the supervision of the Financial Services, of Spain, Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

Pierre-Jean Sivignon began his career in 1979 with the firm Peat Marwick Mitchell. In 1982, he joined the Schlumberger group, where he held various positions in the Financial Department of the Dowell Schlumberger Oilfield Services division (in Europe and Africa), then became General Manager of the Bank and Industry division (in Paris) and, finally, Group Treasurer in Paris and New York. From 2001 to 2005, he was Chief Financial Officer and member of the Executive Committee of Faurecia group based in Paris. Pierre-Jean Sivignon joined the Philips Group (in Amsterdam) in May 2005, where he held the positions of Chief Financial Officer and member of the Executive Committee until March 2011. In September 2011, he became Chief Financial Officer of Carrefour Group in Paris.

He was also member of the board of directors of Imerys Group until 2013. He graduated from École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques (ESSEC) Paris.