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Technip operates one of the best-in-class fleets of subsea pipelay and subsea construction vessels.

To strengthen the Group's presence on the high-growth subsea market and respond to a demand which is evolving towards developments requiring high technological added-value at increasing water depths, Technip has recently announced major investments in state-of-the-art vessels as part of its fleet development strategy.  

The Technip fleet currently counts 26 vessels with an additional 9 currently under construction.

Flexible-lay & Construction

Skandi Vitória

The Skandi Vitória joined the Technip Fleet in 2010.  She is the Group’s first Brazilian-flagged vessel and is the first Pipe-lay  vessel  ever built in Brazil.  Equipped with a vertical and horizontal pipelay system, a carousel for 2000T product, a second carousel for 750T product, two work class ROVs and a 250T active heave compensated crane she is well-suited for pipe laying, subsea construction, installation and maintenance work and can operate in water depths reaching 3,000 meters.

Skandi Niterói

Technip’s second Brazilian-flagged vessel.

Deep Orient

Deep Orient

The Deep Orient is a DP class 2 flexlay medium construction vessel, ideal for subsea construction and flexible pipelay projects. She joined the Technip fleet in March 2013 and will work predominantly in the Asia-Pacific market, showing Technip's commitment to the region.

Deep Orient (4.4 mB)

2 x 550t PLSVs (under construction)

Characterized by their high pipelay tension capacity of 550 tonnes, the twin vessels will be employed principally to install umbilical and flexible flowlines and risers to connect subsea wells to floating production units in waters up to over 2,500 m deep offshore Brazil, including in the pre-salt area.

2 x 300t PLSV and 2 x 650t PLSVs (under construction)

Two of the PLSVs will have a 300-ton laying tension capacity and will be fabricated in Brazil with a high national content. The other two vessels will be designed to achieve a 650-ton laying tension capacity, and will enable the installation of large diameter flexible pipes in ultra-deepwater environments, such as the Brazilian pre-salt.

Deep Pioneer

The Deep Pioneer is a multipurpose deepwater vessel, well suited to the current and future requirements of the offshore industry worldwide. The large aft deck area can support modular components to suit clients needs or project characteristics, such as Portable Pipelay Sytem (patented) or J-Lay spread.

Deep Pioneer (942 kB)

Deep Constructor

 The Deep Constructor is a powerful deepwater pipelay vessel (flexible pipe and umbilicals). She is a multipurpose subsea construction vessel capable of working virtually anywhere in the world.

Deep Constructor (811 kB)

Sunrise 2000

This vessel is unique in her ability to lay up to three flexible flowlines and umbilicals simultaneously in water depths of up to 2,000m.

Sunrise 2000 (969.27 kB)

North Sea Atlantic (ST 261) (Under Construction)

This advanced subsea construction vessel has a length of 142 meters and width of 27 meters, and is equipped with a 400-ton crane and a 2,000-ton carousel for storage of flexible pipe below deck. The vessel will be built at Bergen Group BMV AS in Bergen, Norway, and delivered in 2014. The new vessel’s design specification meets the highest requirements for subsea work and although it will work predominantly in the North Sea, it is also suitable for deepwater operations worldwide.

North Sea Atlantic (1,53 Mb)

North Sea Giant

The North Sea Giant is amongst the largest and most advanced Offshore Construction Vessels ever built. It is a multipurpose vessel with supreme deck and crane capacity. Some of its special features is its 5 x Voith Schneider propellers, giving the vessel extremely good station keeping capabilities and low fuel consumption in DP mode. The vessel also has 3 separate engine / power systems allowing the vessel to maintain DP 3 operation with one engine room / power system out of service.

Skandi Africa (under construction)


DSV (under construction)


Rigid Reel-lay & J-Lay

Deep Blue

The Deep Blue is the world's largest purpose-built ultra deepwater pipelay and subsea construction vessel. Designed for the installation of all types of flexible and rigid pipe as well as umbilicals, the Deep Blue utilises the reel-lay and J-lay methods. Technip's flagship vessel supports developments in water depths up to 3,000 m.

Deep Blue (1.09 mB)

Apache II

The new pipelay vessel, Apache II, will provide operators with a faster, more modern version of the original Apache, which played a major role in delivering subsea infrastructure on the North Sea and Brazil markets for 30 years. The new vessel is 137m long and capable of transit speeds in the order of 14-15 knots. She is equipped with two 100t cranes, helideck, a 2000t main reel and a 650t auxiliary reel and accommodation for 120 in 72 cabins.

Apache II (954 KB)

Deep Energy

The Deep Energy will be one of the largest pipelay vessels ever built, with a high transit speed of 19.5 knots.  Specifically designed to operate on Atlantic basin and intercontinental projects, she will have the capability to handle rigid pipe up to 18”, flexible pipe and umbilicals.  She will also incorporate an efficient PLET handling system. 

  Deep Energy (2.3 Mo)


The horizontal reel barge, Chickasaw, has an extensive history of installing up to 12-inch diameter pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico using the reel method. During 1994, water depth capabilities were upgraded with a new dynamic positioning system, increased pipelay tension and a high departure angle stinger. The Chickasaw is now able to install small diameter pipelines in water depths to 1,800 m.

Chickasaw (447 kB)

Rigid S-Lay and heavy Lift

Global 1200

Global 1200 - The Global 1200 is a Rigid pipe S-lay and Heavy lift  DP-2 construction vessel designed for work in both deep and shallow water. The vessel incorporates a state-of-the-art pipelay system capable of operating up to 3,000 m water depth and handling up to 60 inch concrete coated pipe. The vessel also incorporates a 1200 metric ton capacity crane suitable for conventional platform installations and a deep water lowering system also capable of operating up to 3,000 m water depth.

Global_1200 (1.55 MB)

Global 1201

The Global 1201 is a Rigid pipe S-lay and Heavy lift DP-2 construction vessel with the main features of DP-3.  Designed for work in both deep and shallow water, the Global 1201 has an A&R winch capacity of 400 MT plus additional capacity to perform lowering operations of up to 800 MT.  The vessel offers transit speeds up to 15 knots for swift mobilizations to work destinations across the globe.  As a new build vessel, the Global 1201 provides the latest technology in DP system/mission equipment along with high standards in living accommodations for 264 people.

Global_1201 (1.5 MB)

Diving & multi support vessels

Skandi Arctic

The Skandi Arctic is a purpose-designed and built diving support vessel suitable for the demanding North Sea market and capable of working throughout the year in virtually all sea and weather conditions.

The vessel is one of the most modern DSVs in the world, thanks to its computer-based dive control system, which is used to support the 24-man diving chamber complex.

Skandi Arctic (1.28 MB)

Skandi Achiever

The Skandi Achiever is a purpose designed and built diving support vessel for offshore construction, and Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM) operations. It is suitable for the demanding North Sea market.

Skandi Achiever (1.47 MB)


The Wellservicer is a versatile multi-purpose vessel that combines heavy lift capability with either diver or diverless intervention support.

Wellservicer (690 kB)


The Orelia is a unique diving support vessel with exceptionally low roll characteristics and low profile, which allow efficient operation in most weather and sea conditions.

Orelia (570.28 kB)

Seamec vessels

Technip's Indian affiliate Seamec specializes in vessel management, marine management, dive support, fire fighting, subsea construction, ROV support, pipelaying, rescue operations, logistics, mooring & de-mooring, cranage.

Seamec operates 5 vessels : Seamec Princess, Seamec 1, Seamec 2, Seamec 3, and Alliance.

Olympic Challenger

The Olympic Challenger is a DP-2 multi service, ROV, deepwater construction and diving vessel.  It is suitable for subsea installations, marine construction for field development, IRM, ROV missions and diving support.  It is equipped with an ROV hanger and a state of the art launch and recovery system allowing the option of simultaneous deployment of 2 ROVs over the side or through the dedicated ROV moon-pool.  The vessel is equipped with 2 moon pools, 10,763 sq ft of clear deck space and a 250 metric ton, active heave compensated crane.

Olympic_Challenger (1.44 MB)

Normand Commander

The Normand Commander, an MSV, is a 92 meter DP-2 dynamically positioned dive support vessel. This vessel has extensive capabilities, including dynamic positioning, 100-ton crane capacity with deepwater lowering capability to 1,980 m and specialized design features which facilitate diving, ROV inspection, and other offshore construction services.

Normand_Commander (1.46 MB)

Global Orion

The Global Orion is a DP-2 class 91 m dynamically positioned self-propelled MSV. It was constructed in 2002 and includes a 150-ton crane and a saturation diving system. The vessel is designed for diving support as well as performance of field development and subsea work.

Global_Orion (1.18MB)