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Downloadable Photos – Terms of Use

The simple act of consulting, sending or downloading a picture, confirms the acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in’s legal notice.

Pictures avalaible in Technip’s photo library are protected by international and French property right legislation. They belong to Technip or third parties who have authorized their usage. They cannot be reproduced, partially or entirely, in any way, without Technip prior written authorization. To obtain such authorization please click here.

The rights of use hereby granted are solely for the purpose of illustration of articles (written and digital press).

All users shall not damage the image and/or reputation of Technip Group and/or of its employees and featured individuals, through representation and/or reproduction of the pictures available here below.

The available pictures cannot be subject to modifications when reproduced (clipping, image inversion, colorimetric change, cropping, trimming, etc.)

Under no circumstances can this photo library be used to broadcast images to a third party, with or without charge, regardless of legal grounds.

Duration of use is limited to 3 months from the date of download.




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