Subsea products

Technip has pioneered the development of critical products that have permitted the emergence of new concepts in offshore field development.

Flexible pipe

Manufacturing plants

With almost 75% of the market, Technip is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of flexible pipe. With its manufacturing units located in France and in Brazil, the Group is the leader in providing flexible pipe for oil and gas field developments. Thermoplastic sheaths ensure leakproofness and significantly reduce heat loss, providing the best solution for corrosion resistance and for high temperature hydrocarbons. Helically wound, the still wires give the structure an excellent bending performance. These layers can be easily adapted to any subsea developments. Moreover, flexible pipe can be easily retrieved in order to be re-used on another field development (particularly in Brazil), or in case of decommissioning (in the British sector of the North Sea). 

France: Le Trait Manufacturing plant

Brazil: Vitória Manufacturing plant

IPB technology

Technip has developed the Integrated Production Bundle (IPB), an innovative and proprietary technology. The IPB allows for high-level flow assurance of hydrocarbon fluids in difficult conditions (viscous oil, deepwater, pressure constraints etc.) from well heads to surface treatment units. The IPB is a flexible production riser including thermal insulation layers, additional hoses for gas lift or other services, active heating through electric cables and fluid temperature monitoring with optical fibres. The IPB technology was first and successfully deployed on the Dalia field, offshore Angola, for Total, at a water depth between 1,200 and 1,500m. First oil of the Dalia FPSO occurred in December 2006.

Technologies and Products - Flexible Pipe (1,6 MB)


Rigid pipe


Technip has developed reeled steel catenary risers and hybrid catenary risers, which combine flexible and rigid pipe. These technologies provide cost-effective solutions for offshore field developments in certain layouts of deepwater environments.These lines can be laid using the Group’s vessels Apache or Deep Blue.
Technip has successfully installed SCR lines with the reel lay method. Our onshore welding of SCR's for reel lay purposes allows to reach very high quality and therefore optimal fatigue performance. The J-Lay method is used for large diameter pipes or very high top tensions.

Pipe-in-pipe technology

This technology integrates perfectly into these rigid pipe solutions, providing the level of insulation necessary for economical installation and the level of flow assurance needed for effective production in deep and ultra-deep water.


Through the Technip Umbilical Systems (TUS) group of companies, Technip is the leading manufacturer of umbilicals (steel and thermoplastic), providing connections between subsea equipment and platforms or floating production  systems enabling control from the surface. The Group operates 4 manufacturing sites in Newcastle (UK), Houston (US), Lobito (Angola) and Tangjung Langsat (Malaysia).

for further information go to the Technip Umbilical Systems website