Core Services and Experience Offshore

Technip has proven engineering, project management and delivery experience in all areas of topsides, hulls and fixed platforms, spanning almost 50 years.  With multiple engineering centers around the world, Technip provides engineering from concept through execution. Technip’s technology includes topsides floatover installation, Spar and deep draft hull forms, a low heave semi-submersible, Tension Leg Platforms, and jackup production facilities.  Technip designs and delivers fixed and floating offshore facilities, mooring and riser systems for deep water.

We undertake large lump sum offshore projects in frontier environments with first time technical challenges

  • Floating platform design and delivery
  • Topside facility design and delivery
  • Global integration of design, fabrication and installation
  • World class design tools and practices
  • Heavy lift and deepwater pipelay operations

Spar platform leadership

The Spar is a drilling and production platform suitable for harsh deepwater environments.

The Spar has been developed from the original cylindrical Classic Spar through the Truss Spar, the Cell Spar, the Arctic Spar and Spar with storage. The Spar is a low motion floater that can support full drilling with dry trees or with tender assist and flexible or steel catenary risers. The Truss Spar can be configured with condensate storage appropriate for the development of a remote gas field. The Classic Spar can be configured with larger storage volumes more appropriate to oil field developments where a low motions floater is required (e.g. for drilling and production). The Spar topside is installed offshore either by heavy lift or floatover. 

Technip is a global leader in Spar platforms having built and delivered 15 (with 2 more in construction) out of 21 worldwide.

In support of our offshore business line activities, we operate a global fabrication yard in Pori, Finland.


Technip has designed its own semi-submersible platform. 
It has HVS properties, i.e. Heave and Vortex-induced-motion Suppression and has two variants: wet tree or dry tree compatible. The wet tree semi has reduced motions compatible with steel catenary risers (SCRs) whereas the dry tree version has a greater draft, additional heave plates and is capable of supporting dry trees.

Key points

  • Well suited to oil field developments where subsea trees drilled by MODU are appropriate 
  • Wide range of water depths
  • Full drilling and large topside capability
  • Technip has its own novel design of low-motion semi that can accommodate dry trees


TLP engineering design capability

In water depths up to 1,500 meters, the Tensioned Leg Platform (TLP) offers a cost-effective platform for supporting dry trees. Technip has worked with experienced TLP designers to develop its own conventional TLP design.
Market ready designs are available for South East Asia that can utilize Tender Assisted Drilling (TAD). Designs are being prepared for the GoM incorporating full drilling. These designs can be readily adapted to other regions.

Floating systems engineering

Our floating systems engineering team provides full service design and engineering for all types of floating production facility in use today including Spar, FPSO, semi-submersible and TLP.
The team offers experience in all phases of deepwater floating platform engineering covering hull and mooring design, construction, installation and operations support.

We are an industry leader in the design, delivery and installation of taut
leg and polyester moorings for semi-submersibles, FPSOs and Spars. 
Our company has also been a pioneer in the use of suction piles for moorings and foundations in deepwater developments around the world. 

Topsides facilities engineering

Technip provides complete topsides facility design and project management services, using modular and integrated configurations, for fixed and floating production systems as well as engineering support for modifications to existing production facilities.


Fixed platforms engineering

Technip has a long track record of delivering fixed platforms.  
This includes fixed platforms with 30,000+ ton topsides installed by heavy lift vessel, floatover and self elevating deck.  
Combining our design engineering expertise with our extensive fabrication knowledge enables us to provide our customers with designs of optimal efficiency in terms of weight, cost and schedule regardless of topside size and water depth.

Services include

  • Fixed platform design and EPCI project management
  • Design of topside decks and modules for fixed and floating platforms
  • Jack-up production platforms design and installation
  • Seismic and fatigue analyses
  • Third party verification analysis (CVA)
  • Geotechnical design and analysis


Brownfield and Asset Integrity Management (AIM) services

Life-of-Facility services

Our dedicated Brownfield team utilizes Technip’s global resources in engineering, project management, construction management and installation to execute lifecycle services for existing assets in the GoM and worldwide. Typical Brownfield projects include modifications of existing facilities to increase efficiency, throughput, improve operability and safety, accommodate technical innovation, and implement mechanical improvements. 
Services also include projects that involve production or process tie-ins to existing facilities. Support to operators in meeting new SEMS requirements.  


  • Topsides modifications (debottlenecking, process modification, deck extension, etc.)
  • Full service subsea tie-backs
  • Hull and mooring modifications
  • Facilities Inspection, maintenance and repair (floater of any type, risers, mooring and tendons)
  • Life extension (facility relocation, upgrades, removal/salvage)
  • Asset Integrity Management

Access to the Technip Group Technologies and Expertise

  • Conventional platforms  Jackets, drilling and processing platforms
  • Unideck ® TPG, integrated decks Floatover
  • TPG 500, self-installing jack-up Drilling, production, utilities & quarters
  • Lightweight structures, marginal fields Monopods, tripods
  • Offshore LNG 
  • Deepwater solutions Spar (Truss and Cell Spar) Heave & VIM Suppressed (HVS) Semi Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
  • Other Floaters FPSO, FSO, FPU, etc.
  • Specialized products Deepwater risers, umbilicals
  • Pipelines Reeled pipe, flexible pipe, SCRs