Core Services


The Critical Link

Umbilicals provide the critical link between remote subsea wells and fixed or floating production systems, providing control, power, communications and chemical services. Applications include: production control, chemical injection, power cables for subsea pumping and processing, gas lift, electric cables and high pressure arctic services. Umbilical system design is determined by several factors including water depth, function, environmental conditions and temperature. The experienced and dedicated engineering team at Technip Umbilicals provides the optimum design for each application and environment.

  • Steel tube and thermoplastic hose fluid conduits to provide hydraulic control and chemical injection service
  • Low-voltage electrical power and communications provided via signal cables, fibre optic cables and power conductors
  • Medium-voltage electrical power conductors
  • Armoured steel tube umbilicals
  • Chemical injection lines for use in corrosion inhibition and preventing wax and scale build-up
  • Large bore centre tubes for bulk chemical injection or gas lift functions
  • With umbilical systems available from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, Technip Umbilicals is a truly global provider of umbilicals and subsea solution

Umbilical design

From design to reality, our engineers use the latest 3D modelling software.

Umbilical design solutions generated through a combination of:

  • Engineering best practice and design rules
  • Implementation of industry standards
  • Development and validation of mathematical models incorporated into design software programs
  • Analysis models, including seabed stability, steel tube wall thickness, flow validation, dynamic analysis and fatigue life evaluation
  • Accreditations include API 17E Third Edition
  • Our Technip group networks provide further knowledge from recognized industry experts

Subsea products and services

A complete package

In addition to umbilical manufacture, Technip Umbilicals offers a broad range of supporting subsea products and services including subsea jumpers, flying leads, topside and subsea hardware, and onshore/offshore support services that are essential to the completion of the umbilical system.

Benefits include:

  • Commonality of components within the main umbilical
  • Reduced risk of compatibility and interface problems
  • Access to in-depth technical knowledge and experience
  • Engineers and manufacturing staff with expertise and flexibility of approach
  • Skilled engineers to support offshore testing and supervision during installation and hook-up
  • Strong and dedicated supply chain management to provide clients with the best choice and most cost effective solutions across the industry

Our expert onshore and offshore umbilical support includes:

  • Umbilical installation and commissioning
  • Umbilical lay monitoring
  • Regular maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Large range of testing equipment
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • System integration testing
  • Flush and flow testing

Flying High

Flying leads, also known as ‘jumpers,’ support connections between subsea structures such as manifolds, trees and termination units. The leads are ‘flown’ into place using remote operating vehicles (ROVs). We have established dedicated manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Angola and Malaysia to supply both steel tube and thermoplastic assemblies, stab plates and termination hardware, including hydraulic fittings, couplings and electrical connectors. Subsea termination units, topside umbilical termination units and hydraulic power units are among the hardware items directly available from Technip Umbilicals.