A key player in the region

Over the past decade, Technip in Norway has played a dominant role in the development of subsea oil & gas fields on the Norwegian Continental shelf.

Major projects carried out by Technip in Norway are:

ENI Norge Goliat Field Development Project

  • Location: Barents Sea; most northern offshore oilfield development in the world located outside Hammerfest in Northern Norway.
  • Scope of work: EPCI of the flowline system and installation of the subsea production system consisting of the umbilical system, the templates and riser bases.
  • First Norwegian oil field development north of the Arctic Circle
  • Specialized vessels from Technip fleet provide quick access to this remote area in the Barents Sea, including the diving & construction vessel Skandi Arctic and Apache II
  • Reinforces Technip position in this frontier region
  • Offshore operations: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

GDF Suez E&P Gjøa Gas Export Smoothbore Risers Project

  • Location: Gjøa gas platform in the North Sea
  • Scope of work: Replacement of two existing gas export risers on the Gjøa gas platform in the North Sea. 
  • The platform’s two existing 16" rough bore risers, supplied by others,   replaced with two 12" smooth bore risers manufactured by Technip.
  • Replacement was required due to a new occurrence of the "singing riser" phenomena. 
  • The first riser replacement was safely completed by the Normand Pioneer. The smooth bore riser solution proved very efficient such that the platform’s production requirements for the next years will be met with just one riser.
  • Offshore operations: 2011

Lundin Norge AS Brynhild Field Development

  • Location: Central North Sea, Norway
  • Scope of work: 37 kilometer long tie-back is based on the use of Technip’s proven technology for the reeled pipe-in-pipe production and water injection flowlines 
  • including spools, tie-ins, trenching and protection of the flowlines, together with installation of subsea structures and the control umbilical. 
  • Offshore operations: 2011 / 2012 / 2013

Marathon Oil Norge AS Bøyla Field Development Project

  • Location: North Sea, located about 225 kilometers West of Stavanger, Norway
  • Scope of work:  An engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning contract includes all activities necessary to complete the construction of the subsea system for the Bøyla field development and connect it to the existing Alvheim subsea facilities, located 28 kilometers away.
  • Offshore operations: 2012-2014

Statoil Petroleum AS Gullfaks South IOR (GSO) project

Location: North Sea, 120 km from Bergen

Scope of Work: the subsea field development solution consists of two (2) 4-slot templates in the south of the field. The two new templates (O and P) will be tied back to Gullfaks A (GFA) via the existing Gullfaks South pipeline bundle. The templates will facilitate four (4) production wells on Template O and two (2) gas injection wells on Template P. 

The field will be controlled via a new power & signal umbilical from GFA to Template O. Chemicals and hydraulics will be supplied from Template G via a new Integrated Service Umbilical (ISU) to Template O. Templates O and P are linked with an ISU.

Offshore operations: 2012-2014

Statoil Petroleum AS Hyme Marine Installations and Pipelay 

  • Location: Hyme Field, Norwegian North Sea
  • Scope of work:  Fabrication of: 9” / 15.5” PiP Production Pipe , 10.75” HDPE Lined Water Injection 6.625” Gas Lift , Production Riser Base and PLETs, Riser Anchors , Protection covers, as well as: 
  • Installation of PiP, WI and GL lines 
  • Installation of umbilical from Hyme to Njord 
  • Recovery of 5 risers at Njord 
  • Installation of 3 risers and 2 dynamic umbilicals at Njord 
  • Offshore operations: 2011 / 2012

Statoil Petroleum AS Marulk Pipeline Installation Project

  • Location: Norwegian Sea
  • Scope or work: Project management, engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of a pipe-in-pipe, with mid-line Tee and PLEM’s 
  • Offshore operations: 2010 / 2011

Statoil Petroleum AS Snøhvit CO2 Solutions

Location:  145 km northwest of Hammerfest

Scope of work:  One new production and injection Template G which is located approximate 5,5 km north of the Template F. Production pipelines PF01 and PG01 and the CO2 pipeline CG01 is part of the development as well as a new umbilical SG01 from the Snøhvit CDU to Template G.

Offshore operations: 2013-2015

Statoil Petroleum AS Åsgard Gas Compression Project

  • Location: Norwegian Sea
  • Scope of work: Installation of the subsea compression system and its connection to the existing subsea infrastructure and the Åsgard platform.
  • Offshore operations: 2012 - 2015