Profile - Technip Zimmer GmbH

Technip Zimmer Process Technology is the home of polymer technologies for the processing of polyesters, polyamides and biopolymers. We offer the latest technologies, developed in our own research and pilot facilities. Our engineers and project teams ensure a professional realization of plants for our clients.

The Technip Zimmer team brings more than 60 years of experience in polymer technologies which fall into two main product families, polyamides and polyesters, used in applications such as engineering plastics, textiles and packaging/film. The technologies combine maximum resource efficiency, high availability and low operating costs – proven in more than 800 polymer plants around the world. 


Our technologies feature an efficient way of producing polymers, delivering the highest yield and boosting profitability. The plants are designed to meet our customer’s product specifications with a compact layout. Our raw material management ensures low consumption figures. Exhaust gases are treated in an internal system, resulting in low emissions. Our plants are designed with a heat recovery system that uses excess thermal energy.


The avoidance of downtime is business-critical. In fact, plants with our technology and equipment can operate for years without requiring shutdown for overhaul.

Outstanding quality

Our polymers feature high uniformity, bright colors and low acetaldehyde content whether for textiles, packaging or engineering plastics. Plants designed according our batch processes produce polymers with consistent quality. 

Tailor-made solutions

We tailor each production facility to our customer’s needs and specifications for feedstock, capacity, operational costs and local conditions. Our batch plants are highly flexible and can be modified as requirements change in response to shifting market demands.

Large single line capacities

Our proprietary Disc Ring Reactor (DRR) design for Polyester (PET), Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) and Polytrimethylene Terephthalate (PTT) applications is the result of our extensive experience, in-depth research and development and technological expertise. The continual improvement and optimization of the DRR has enabled us to build high capacity plants that deliver impressive economies of scale. We also guarantee a smooth and reliable operation at high viscosity and capacities up to 2000 tons per day in a single line. Our technology allows us to construct Polyamide 6 (PA6) production units with capacities up to 400 tons per day in a single line.