Technip’s competence center for Zimmer polymer technologies used in the processing of polyesters, polyamides and biopolymers is located in Frankfurt, Germany. The technologies combine maximum resource efficiency, high availability and low operating costs – proven in more than 800 polymer plants around the world. 

The team of technologists and process engineers have decades of experience in these technologies, developed in a research and development lab within walking distance of the office. In addition to technology licensing and research and development, Technip Zimmer offers a wide range of services for revamps and new plant construction. In addition, the fully integrated business has access to Technip’s leading engineering, procurement, project management and construction network around the world.

The business has been part of Technip since 2014,  when it was acquired and integrated through Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology, the global business unit that manages Technip’s expanding portfolio of downstream process technologies.

For more information, visit Technip Zimmer Polymers Technology.