Flexi France technology

The flexible products produced by Flexi France have earned an international track record second to none for innovation and reliability. This reputation is based on providing high-performance material for successful offshore oilfield developments.

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The Le Trait plant comprises the facilities and capability to produce the widest range of flexible pipes with high capacities.

The flexible pipe is designed to resist internal and external pressure, extreme temperatures and corrosive mediums. Each layer of the structure serves a specific and essential purpose. The steel layers ensure mechanical resistance and the thermoplastic layers act as barrier seals.

This design and manufacturing is certified by third party (Bureau Veritas) for:

Research & Development

Technip's flexible pipe Research & Development center, based within Flexi France, boasts state-of-the-art R&D facilities including laboratory apparatus for the analysis of the physical characteristics and corrosion resistance of metallic and polymeric materials.

  • The role of the R&D division is to:
  • consolidate expertise and coordinate the development of flexible pipe and umbilical products
  • conduct conceptual studies on industrial equipment
  • provide technical assistance to projects

Toward ultra deepwater

Technip flexible pipes are constantly evolving to meet client requirements and market needs. Today, Flexi France's ability to efficiently improve upon its flexible pipe products and reach the best ultra deep capabilities is therefore a key.

It is the steel layers that are most affected in developments that extend beyond 1,000 meters water depth (ultra deepwater).

Each improvement made to Flexi France's flexible pipe answers a particular challenge:

  • Internal carcass for collapse resistance
  • Pressure armours to resist the radial effect of the internal and external pressure
  • Tensile armours for tensile loading
  • All armours for fatigue resistance

Flow assurance and active insulation is another area that Flexi France has developed to increase the capabilities of flexible pipe. Effective solutions have been found by adapting heat tracing cables around the central core of the pipe, or even heating cables inserted among steel armours.

Other peripheral tubes can be used for gas lift. Then, the concept coupling multi-functions gathered in a single line is called Integrated Production Bundle (IPB), a new standard for optimum operations in the deepest fields.

Recognizing that Technip's flexible pipe technology is a core component supporting the evolution of the subsea oil industry, Flexi France is committed to providing the most advanced, cost-effective solutions for its clients.

Vessel mobilization

Flexi France's world leading facility is equipped with a 210-meter-long quay, providing deepwater access to all large ocean-going vessels, thus making delivery and loading both cost and time-efficient.

Offshore Services Le Trait (OSLT) is a division of Flexi France in charge of the mobilization of the Technip vessels dedicated to pipelay and offshore construction; of the maintenance and installation of equipment and after-sales offshore intervention.