About Technip Pori

Technip Pori is a project management and construction company focusing on offshore construction projects installed all over the world.

Its yard is located in Pori, Finland.

Technip Pori offers the most advantageous construction technology, and experienced subcontractors are utilised to maximise cost efficiency.

The company has a strong position as a competitive EPC contractor of spar hulls and offshore structures. Delivery reliability is one of our main targets.

The experience and know-how of our skilled and committed personnel, totalling around 700 people, and our seaside location make Technip Offshore Finland a competitive partner for offshore construction.

Technip Pori is part of the Technip Group

Pori construction yard

Pori yard Facilities

Technip Pori has excellent indoor facilities:

  • 35,300 m² covered heated workshop space
  • Main assembly hall 130 m x 29 m x 31 m, 200 t crane capacity, 25 m hook height
  • 1,800 m² surface protection halls with temperature/humidity control
  • 15,800 m² office and heated storage areas

Additionally, Technip Pori has safe and flexible assembly/loadout facilities:

  • 330 t/50 m assembly crane
  • 2,400 t RMS lifting system
  • Two heavy (450 t/m and 280 t/m) assembly and loadout rails for spar hull loadout and for other heavy assemblies
  • Unique loadout system consisting of the purpose-built 11,000 t barge "Harry" which lies on a concrete foundation on the seabed, together with tolled beam hydraulic skidding equipment. Alternatively, loadout can be handled by multi-wheeler directly to the barge.