Key data

Flexible pipe was developed in 1972, when a patent from the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP) was used to build a high pressure, flexible steel pipe. This pipe was initially designed as a flexible drilling system. While this particular application was never adopted by the Oil & Gas Industry, the concept of the flexible pipe has since proven to be extremely successful.

The first 15,000 PSI flexible Kill and Choke line was first produced in 1976 (a 2.5" ID).The design has been continuously improved since then. With a standard product range from 1”ID to 4”ID and from 30 PSI to 20,000 PSI The 3" 15K, 100°C Rilsan® and the 3" 15K, 130°C, COFLON® structures, Coflexip® remains the Industry reference. (Other products available upon request.)

All Kill and Choke lines up to and including 3” 15,000 PSI working pressure products have been qualified and can be monogrammed to the API 16C standard.


The Division

Coflexip® Products, is a wholly owned division of Technip. Coflexip® Products designs, manufactures and markets products for a number of applications where the Technip  know-how and research and development in high performance flexible pipes is necessary to meet the Industry's always challenging needs. These applications are diverse, and cover a wide range of diameters, pressure ratings and fields of use.

Most applications where Coflexip® pipe is used require some degree of study to be performed, alternatively the line(s) is (are) proposed together with a detailed design, providing a permanent, trouble free service.

A worldwide organisation of Sales Offices and Business Partners are at your disposal to help you to define what Coflexip® product is most suitable for your needs.