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Drilling & Service Application


The modular concept of Coflexip® structures means the pipes are engineered for the best possible resistance to the severe stresses and aggressive environment encountered around drilling rigs and service units both offshore and onshore.

The following are specific features of Coflexip® lines:

  • Structural stability due to the distinct functions of each component layer. This means that Coflexip® high pressure pipes do not “whip” like hoses or swivel joint systems
  • High crush resistance
  • Integral end-fittings
  • Only two connections
  • Supplied with any standard connector
  • No maintenance (no intermediate seals to be replaced)
  • Nikaflex treated end-fittings mean no corrosion
  • Smaller OD and lower weight compared with conventional hoses of same ID and working pressure
  • Available in any length
  • Proven reliability: the industry's confidence in Technip quality is confirmed on hundreds of rigs worldwide
  • As a further insurance of superior quality and reliability, all drilling and service application lines are pressure tested at full test pressure for a minimum of 24 hours before leaving our plant.

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Typical design

Thermoplastic inner tube to make the pipe internally leakproof

Interlocking "ZETA" profile steel strip to resist internal radial pressure

Flat steel spiral to provide additional pressure resistance

Double cross-wound tensile armours to resist axial load

External thermoplastic sheath to protect inner steed layers from corrosion

Stainless steel outerwrap to protect the pipe from external mechanical damage


An engineered solution

Coflexip offers application engineering for its products.
Examples : Configuration and lengths of flexibles for

  • lower marine riser packages,
  • moonpool lines,
  • choke and kill lines on jack ups, land rigs, fixed platform rigs, etc.,
  • rotary "hoses" and vibrator "hoses",
  • skidding rigs,
  • derrick-mounted cement and circulation lines,
  • installation between flow heads and choke manifolds,
  • special applications.

Winches can be designed to take fu ll advantages of the inherent qualities of Coflexip flexibles. A most important factor is that our flexibles do not deform (become oval) when reeled and can therefore be used at full working pressure on the winch.

A USER’GUIDE is available which gives all the information necessary for a safe and reliable utilisation of Coflexip’s flexible pipes.


Coflexip acidizing and fracturing lines

Used on stimulation boats and work-over rigs world-wide. They are built to handle acidizing liquids and fracturing solutions, at high pressures and flowrates. Field reports show common velocities of 70 to 80 ft/sec (20 to 25 m/s) - in one case 125 ft/sec (38 m/s)! Sand slurries up to 20 lbs./gal (2.4 SG) have been reported.

Coflexip choke and kill lines

Choke and kill lines are essential to control the well control equipment. Coflexip’s drilling application flexibles are specifically designed to handle the high pressures and flowrates this use requires.

Other advantages make the Coflexip solution very attractive to the end user:

  • Coflexip acidizing and fracturing lines
  • Coflexip choke and kill lines
  • Coflexip test lines

Coflexip test lines

The absence of rubber components and the strength of the Coflexip structure means high resistance to diphasic crude and outstanding mechanical performance and durability. They are designed to resist abrasion and corrosion from all types of hydrocarbons, H2S and C02, sand, etc. The concept of separate layers with independent functions ensures maximum stability during pressure surges.

Coflexip rotary/vibrator lines

Owing to the inherent fact that a Coflexip line does not react like a rubber base to pressure, it will not contract, elongate, "belly out" or kick as "classic" hoses do when submitted to pressure. the Coflexip rotary/vibrator line will resist oilbased muds with a high aromatic content, up to a temperature of 100°C (212°F). Years of experience have shown that when properly installed, our lines have an exceptionally long service life.

Drill cuttings re-injection risers

An application of the COFLEXIP drilling flexible in the "World's first MODU (Mobile Drilling Unit) Drill Cuttings and Waste Re-injection System" - DCRS.pdf (234 KB)