Technip prepares for harsh environment FLNGs

To date, all sanctioned Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Unit (FLNG) projects are located in areas of the world where the environment of wind, waves and current are sufficiently benign to enable the FLNG vessel to offload its cargo to an LNG carrier (LNGC) using conventional technologies. However as FLNG developments are being contemplated in harsher environments, certain systems go beyond their envelope of safe and reliable operation and need to be substituted by different ones. Since late 2014, Technip, as the world leader in FLNG, has been working with HiLoad LNG AS to develop a new offloading system to enable FLNGs to operate in persistently complex environments.

An appropriate method in persistently mild and harsh environments

Typical view of an LNG transfer operation from a jetty in sheltered waters

A self-propelled semi-submersible

The HiLoad LNG PLS using Technip’s ALLS cryogenic flexible flowlines

The future belongs to DIESTA

View from the LNGC bridge during the HiLoad LNG PLS operation simulation at MARIN