Broadening Technip’s offering of technologies and consulting services

Since the formation of Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology (PT) in 2012, Technip has further enlarged its portfolio of onshore process technologies. Earlier this year, the acquisition of Zimmer® Polymer Technologies was concluded and more recently PT closely aligned its expertise, alliances and research and development activities with the centers in Paris, Rome, and Lyon. The goal? To broaden the company’s position as a downstream technology leader, strengthen client and partner relationships, open the door to early involvement in projects and most importantly, deliver greater value to our customers. Technip’s PT business offers to the Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power and Mining industries technologies that are wholly and jointly owned, and others that are offered through licenses with third parties. The addition of consulting services further expands the company’s worldwide market of upfront services.

Technip: key provider in the onshore projects chain