A world of talent

It is the expertise, commitment and ambition of our multicultural teams that has secured our market leading position. Our human resources strategy aims to continuously develop the skills of our 40,000 people, maximizing their potential and achieving the highest-possible level of performance.

Recognizing Skills Ahead of Tomorrow's Need

As our industry becomes ever-more global, a diverse team that reflects the regions and cultures we operate in will be vital. Technip recognizes this need, and our skills development model will strengthen our performance in a multi-disciplinary, multi-regional market. This will give our clients truly international service and our people a whole world of opportunity.

Mobility as a School for Leadership

Mobility is key to developing our staff, because it presents them with new challenges and the opportunity to discover new skills. Technip take mobility further, giving our people a chance to experience geographic, functional and segmental diversity. We expand the horizons of our people to increase the possibilities for our business.

Training Tailored to the Needs of the Group and Our People

Technip University creates training programs in-line with the evolution of our people, business and industry. The programs offered by Technip University are now an integral part of the learning and development of Group employees.

Promoting Diversity

Our commitment to diversity is embedded in the every-day culture and operation of Technip. But we also encourage hands-on staff involvement in our cultural development. The Technip University Leading Edge Program gathers future leaders of Technip together from all over the world. This diverse think-tank comes together for two weeks to learn from each other and develop vital skills together.