In late 2014, we delivered the Heidelberg Spar to Anadarko Petroleum, one month ahead of schedule and just two years after construction began in our yard in Pori, Finland. Alexandra Pieton, who was the project manager of the Heidelberg project tells us more about being involved in this great opportunity.

Key facts and figures

  • 17th Spar built by Technip
  • Daily capacity of + 80,000 barrels of oil and 2.3 million cubic meters of natural gas
  • Centers involved: Houston, USA & Pori, Finland

Some information about you

I am currently Project Manager for Yamal LNG project, based in Shanghai, China. I joined Technip nine years ago as a Welding Engineer. After several years as the Welding Department Manager in the Subsea division in Houston, I took on the role of Engineering Department Manager in the Offshore segment and then moved to an Offshore project to become the Project Manager of the Heidelberg SparBefore getting my current position, I have been Vice President of our global learning organization, Technip University.

A bit more details about the project

Heidelberg is the 17th platform of this kind delivered by Technip (there are currently 20 in operation worldwide). Its delivery demonstrates the Group’s expertise within floating platforms and its ability to tackle ultra-deepwater developments. Heidelberg is the result of a long-standing relationship with Anadarko, which has, over the years, made extensive use of Technip’s know-how and expertise in Spar technology. It is now operational in the Gulf of Mexico, along with its twin, Lucius, also delivered by Technip to Anadarko. Technip’s operating center in Houston, Texas, provided the overall project management and engineering support; while the detailed hull design and fabrication were carried out by our construction yard in Finland.

Why was it a great opportunity?

Being the Project Manager of such a big project, which also involved managing a large team in two different locations has been an incredible personal learning experience. Every day brings its challenges but it has also been very rewarding, experiencing the satisfaction of building a team and a project that leads to a successful delivery.

What was your biggest challenge?

Having the flexibility and ability to be ready to face any situation that may arise. A project does not always run as planned on a day-to-day basis. Anticipation and readiness are key to a successful delivery. We always had a plan A, B (and sometimes C) for any operations, whether commercial, technical or managerial.

And your main success?

The sense of pride that the team developed along with the great team spirit we created was extremely rewarding. Building a Spar in Pori while managing the project from Houston, meant that the two teams were working together but in different time zones. The open communication, trust and respect between the two teams have been a game changer and certainly were the cornerstone of our success.

Can you share with us your best memory?

The satisfaction, emotion and pride of both our client and the Technip’s team during the Spar sail away celebration is priceless and makes you realize the progress made.

What did it bring to you in terms of professional development?

The possibility of leaving my mark and inspiring people as a leader.